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Aquarium Evolution
Shadow Grey

  • Nano Aquarium for fresh and marine water.
  • LED Moonlight system
  • 2x Evolux Lamps PL 11W – 6500 K°
  • Complete filtration system
  • Curved polished glass: 5mm
  • Adjustable Evo-Pump 500L/h
  • Lid opens to 80°
  • Contents 37L 

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  • The aquarium Evolution Shadow Grey is a functional contemporary nano-aquarium, designed to emulate the individual biotopes as closely as possible.
  • Though this manual is mainly focused on tropical fish, as 90% of fishkeepers have tropical fish, the Evolution is also perfectly adaptable for marine fish, invertebrates, terrarium, shrimps, etc… 
  • The built-in filter system is very efficient and provides a good function with minimal maintenance.
  • A range of filter materials (Evo-Mat), developed for the Evolution, ensures a good water quality.
  • The lighting system offers many possibilities, assuring fish, plants or invertebrates live in a perfectly balanced enviroment (see chapter ‘Lighting’).
  • All safety standards have been applied.
  • The Evolution series has been designed according to a specific concept.
  • The rules of this concept consists of high functionality, minimum maintenance, optimal certainty for man and fish, its different lighting aspects, and a perfect water treatment.
  • The aquarium Evolution Shadow Grey has a trendy design, and is available in different glossy colours.
  • The Evolution can be installed in any office, bedroom, kitchen, etc…, with a minimum of requirements.
  • Due to its educational aspect, the Evolution is highly  recommended for children, and at the same time offering a creative and exciting hobby for the whole family.
  • The Evolution inspires and brings nature to your home.
  • We wish you lots of joy in creating your very own amazing underwater world.

Aquarium Evolution 

AN AQ 02 289
H 40 CM – L 35 CM – D 39 CM
Content : 37 L


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