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The Firm

– Vision and Mission:

Aquatic Nature stands for beauty and quality.

Our goal is to make a healthy and serene environment for the fish and plants.

– What we do:

In the last decennia the aquarium hobby has been submitted to changes
in the way of fish and plant keeping as well as its technical aspect.
Today our aquarium is conceived as a place where we try to achieve a perfect
balance between flora and fauna.

Therefore Aquatic Nature constantly improves filtration systems , CO2 equipments
, light systems and additives which are continuously in the process of development,
function and last but not least design, thus contributing to achieve the best results.

Aquatic plants have an important role in this small aquatic ecosystem, and therefore
fishes and other living creatures are strongly dependant on the quality of the
aquarium plants.

For this reason, it’s important to create optimum conditions, assuring a good
photosynthesis of your plants. Don’t forget that plants are the main supplier of oxygen.

– Our History: 

In 1970 Reginald Popelier opened his shop.

Reginald continued the activity that his father began in 1959.

Finally, IAT was founded in 1989.