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Neal Popelier

Hello! I’m Neal Popelier, An adventurous and curious person. Since i love to discover new cultures and people, I chose International entrepreneurship as field of study and i’m also interested in everything that has to do with computers.

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Florian Vandenabeele

21 year old Applied Informatics student at Howest Brugge – Belgium who’s interested in WordPress CMS systems, webdesign and development. In case of any questions click on the picture above and you’ll be redirected to my personal website where you can find what you need.


Peter Rondelez

I’m Peter, Graphic Designer.

I love travelling, listening to music ang going to concerts.

My interest in IT and Graphic Design started at a young age, learning Basic on my cousins pre-historic TRS-80 computer

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Laetitia Bourdel

Je suis Laetitia. Je suis passionnée de photographie depuis plusieurs années.

Je réalise des photos de produits, des portraits, et bien d’autres…

Je m’intéresse à tout ce qui concerne le marketing et l’entrepreunariat.