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Fresh Water - Fish Food
Schnabbys Waterturtle Food
Schnabbys is a food especially developed for turtles.

The receipt is a well balanced amount of Proteins, Vitamins, Trace elements in combination with Spirulina increasing the immunity system and stimulates growth.

Schnabbys stimulates bone and shells formation and is easy to digest.

Does not cloud or pollute the water

190 ml

AN SH 04 700

320 ml

AN SH 04 702

2 Kg

AN SH 04 705


Composition :
Fish, other marine animals, their pro-ducts and by-products, cereal grains and by-products, oil seeds and by-products (with genetically modified soja), yeast, Lecithin, minerals.

Analytical constituents :
Crude protein 39% - Crude oils and fats 2% - crude fibres 3% - Crude ash 15% - Moisture 9 %

Additives :
Vitamins and pro-vitamins : A (E672): 91.000 IU/kg D3 (E671): 2810 IU/kg E: 1100 mg/kg B2: 146 mg/kg C: 120 mg/kg B3: 360 mg/kg B1: 48 mg/kg