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Fresh Water - Fish Food
Dwarf Cichlid Food
Dwarf Cichlid Food is developed for all south America, Malawi and Tanganyika dwarf cichlids.

It brings a quick growth with a perfect body shape and fin forms, and improves strongly the natural colours of the fish.

Easy to digest.

Does not pollute and cloud the water.

190 ml
85 g

AN CF 04 250

320 ml
135 g

AN CF 04 253



Composition :
Fish, other marine animals, their products and by-products, cereal grains and by-products, oil seeds and by-products (with genetically modified soja), yeast, minerals.

Analytical constituents :
Crude protein 40% - Crude oils and fats 4% - crude fibres 4% - Crude ash 16% -
Moisture 8 %.

Additives :
Vitamins and pro-vitamins : A (E672): 31.000 IU/kg D3 (E671): 1900 IU/kg E: 1700 mg/kg B2: 220 mg/kg C: 670 mg/kg B3: 660 mg/kg B1: 150 mg/kg